“It is indeed what a good amp ought to be: an instrument that responds to the guitar you plug into it, as well as to the way you play. It’s got plenty of sensitivity…a nice sag and lots of compression, so it’s very warm even on the cleanest settings… it doesn’t lose any of its clarity as you crank it up…it does what it does pretty damn well.”
-Chris Burgess

“Your amp is truly amazing. Simple, affordable, and very musical. If you’re one of us who doesn’t need the extra gain and fancy tone circuits found in the Orange Tiny Terror and Egnater Rebel 20, this amp is the best bet for the money. Sweet, sweet tone and it’s made in the USA!  Gene and I spent about 5 hours in the amp today using a number of different guitars, cabinets and settings. There seems to be a true sweet spot for nearly every stop on the volume dial. It’s just a matter of tweaking the tone knob to dial it in. I was sad to have to come home, I just wanted to stay and play it.  It is also much fuller sounding than the Tiny Terror which sounds thin in comparison. You’re on to something here dude.”
Erick Coleman,Technical Advisor/Repairman
United Lutherie, Athens, OH

“I purchased the People’s Amp about two months ago, and lets just put it this way… I have found my amp. I play guitar weekly at church, and I also record my own music. No matter what genre of music I am playing, the People’s Amp delivers. The thing that sold me on this amp, is the way the amp follows your playing. The amp is very responsive and will sound how you WANT it to sound. Another thing that I love about the amp is the simplicity of the circuitry. The people’s Amp sports two controls, Volume and Tone. The amp sounds good as it is, why should you have to spend hours changing knobs to find a good tone? The people’s amp delivers a $2,000 sound at the fraction of the price. With the flexibility, great sound, perfect volume, and amazing customer service, I would not want any other amp in my rig.”
– Joshua Howey

“I wanted to send a note of thanks for working with Christie on my 10th anniversary amp. It is by far the best amplifier I have ever played on and I’m so grateful.”
– Nate Fisher, Seattle guitarist,  who’s wife Christie surprised him with a People’s Amp and cabinet for their 10th anniversary

“I get nothing but compliments for my sound these days. Thanks, People’s Amp! I can’t begin to recall all the audience members and fellow musicians who come up to me after shows asking what the heck amp I use. When I show them the People’s Amp, they admire its simple, unique design and controls: “Just two knobs, huh? That’s f***ing brilliant, man…” The funny thing is, they don’t know the half of it.
The People’s Amp is responsive to everything I play. I’m a very volume-sensitive player, both in the dynamics of my picking and in my use of the volume knobs on my Les Paul. The People’s Amp picks up on the full range of my dynamics and has become as much of an instrument as my guitar, and an extension of my fingers. If you crave clarity of expression and sensitivity with bite (think George Carlin delivery without words), this amp will more than ably get the job done.
P.S. It’s light weight for traveling (very important consideration when you’re out three or four times a week!).”
Spencer Elliott


“Ask youself these questions:
1.  Am I 15 and play shitty metal?
2.  Would I know good tone if it bit me on the ass?
3.  Do I chop my own firewood?
Well, depending on your answers this amp may not be for you.
I don’t like distortion pedals.  I don’t like channel switching amps.  I want an amp that can voice a wide tonal spectrum without any extra steps in the chain.  And by “tonal spectrum” I’m not talking about highs and lows.  I’m talking about a clean sound that isn’t boring that smoothly transitions itself into a THICK overdrive.  This is a musical amp that responds dynamically to my touch.  When I want clean, I play softer.  When I want heavy, I dig in.  Finally, an amp that is a MUSICAL INSTRUMENT!
If you like lots of knobs and unnecessary shit that can break, this amp may not be for you.  If you like an amp that responds to your playing then try one out.
A hand made, boutique amp for less than a grand.  You can’t beat it.
P.S.  This amp would chop it’s own firewood, for sure.  It would then use that wood to make it’s own beef jerky.”
-Eric French

“At last! A simple tube amp that doesn’t demand me to read, learn or understand. Plug it in and play!
I play 4 electric guitars, all with their own sound. The Peoples Amp only reproduces that sound with some tube warmth added to it.
This is the amp that does what you tell it to do. Responsive.
I use it with an open back 2×10 Framus cab. Plenty of volume.
The fun really starts when I use my effects. The beautiful and natural way this amp distorts, when asked to, is interacting uniquely with most effects.
I guess, for me, this is the ideal partner for my pedals.
It does what it needs to do. Solid, basic amplifying. Lot’s of it. At very little cost.”
-Marc van de Graaf

“The People’s Amp is the perfect solution for budget-minded guitarists looking to get AC/DC tone at Jimmy Buffet decibel levels.  With a bright, chimey, but never cold sonic character, The People’s Amp helped liven up the tone of my Les Paul without taking away any of it’s characteristic warmth and sustain.  Bravo, Karl!”
-Matt Dunham

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