A Look Under the Hood, part I

I thought it might be kind of fun to take a walk through the innards of your People’s Amplifier. I’d like to do so in a way that isn’t too geeked out in terms of electronics-speak. I fully realize that most of us who use amplifiers don’t necessarily know about the precise electronics theory involved, … Continue reading A Look Under the Hood, part I

In the beginning…

  As early as 1910, companies such act the Automatic Electric Company and Magnavox were manufacturing public address systems using technology developed for use in the telephone and radio industries. Broadcast radio first hit the airwaves in 1919, bolstered by improvements in vacuum tubes. This fit hand-in-glove with the rise of Hawaiian guitar styles, Western … Continue reading In the beginning…

Order Now! No Waiting List!

I began selling The People’s Amplifier about a decade ago. During that time, there have been three different head cabinet designs, more than a few website redesigns, a couple of minor changes to the circuit components, and several hard lessons learned about marketing and the changing landscape of internet presence and social media. Something that … Continue reading Order Now! No Waiting List!

Do You Know What You Want?

  I’m on an ongoing mission to demystify some of the voodoo that surrounds discussions of tube guitar amps. Here at The People’s Amp, we’ve always been about keeping things simple, not buying into wacky ideas about specialty components, and maintaining transparency about what goes on inside a tube guitar amplifier. It’s interesting, as many … Continue reading Do You Know What You Want?

Care and Feeding of Your Tube Amplifier

  The People’s Amp, just like any tube guitar amplifier, should be treated properly and maintained so that it functions just the way you need it to. With just a little bit of love, your People’s Amplifier should be able to pump out great sound for as long as you need it to. The very … Continue reading Care and Feeding of Your Tube Amplifier