All you need is tone. Tone is all you need.

The People’s Amp is based on the legendary Marshall 1974, often referred to as the “Bluesbreaker Jr” or the Marshall 18 Watt.  It is not a clone.  It has an EZ81 tube rectifier, which gives you that nice vintage “sag.” The People’s Amp uses a 12AX7 pre-amp, another 12AX7 for its phase inverter, and a pair of EL84’s push-pulling in the power section.  It is a head that sounds great through your favorite 4, 8, or 16 ohm cabinet. 

It is a versatile amplifier, with a clean sound that could be used for jazz or some nice chicken pickin’.  Dial in a little more volume, and it starts to give a nice bluesy crunch, and when it’s wide open, there’s plenty of saucy power tube saturation for all your rock cravings.  It behaves very well with your favorite pedals. 

Even though it’s only 18 watts, it’s plenty loud.  Head cabinets available in black, red, green, or blue, with matching chickenhead knobs.  If you’d like another color, just ask. Combo cabinets available with a wide variety of options and your choice of 12 inch speaker. Custom options (effects loop, reverb, etc.) also available. Prices begin at $995.

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