Live Amp Build Success!

A couple of weeks ago, I built an amp, start to finish, live on Facebook. I had done some of the boring stuff like installing switches, pots, transformers, jacks, and power input in advance but I left all of the electronics work to do live on air. It was quite a marathon day, stretching into about 12 hours of video. You can check it (and all of the People’s Amp Facebook content) out at

The build was a lot of fun, with some breaks for tele-chats with special guests: Eric French, a proud People’s Amplifier owner who also runs a small recording studio and is public radio broadcast engineer. We also talked to Jerry Newkirk, who designed the original People’s Amplifier head cabinet. I owe him millions of dollars, apparently. Isaac Maupin, of Wildcat Slim fame, also chatted with us about his People’s Amplifier.

Other than my soldering iron tip taking a dump, and my internet being persnickety, the event went very well! We had some trivia contest prize giveaways (congratulations Kaila, Korey, Brian, Eric, and Isaac!) and the amp I was building got adopted! Keep an eye out for more news on People’s Amp #403 heading to its new owner.

Here’s a short video from the end of the build. It was so nice to have zero troubleshooting to do!

Firing up People’s Amplifier #403

By the way, the 6V6 amplifier is still available. Here it is in action. If you contact me with the secret code “valve,” I’ll sell it to you with a 25% discount!

Dan DiCerbo taste testing the People’s Amplifier 6V6 Octal Prototype
More demo of the 6V6

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